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Full Circuit Athletics, LLC. Testimonials

"In 2014, I joined the Full Circuit baseball program as a skinny 14-year-old pitcher who loved the game of baseball and had dreams of someday playing beyond high school. I'm incredibly grateful for Charlie and the rest of the FCP staff for helping to turn that dream of mine into a reality. Charlie is excellent at building personal relationships with each of his players, which allows him to be brutally honest and motivate each one to reach his full potential. His love and respect for the game is unmatched, and he places just as much importance on a players character as his skill. The emphasis that is placed on taking care of your body through proper lifting, nutrition, sleep, and pre/post-recovery has been critical for my development both physically and mentally as a pitcher. I can confidently say I wouldn't be in my current position without Charlie and the Full Circuit program."
-Jack Collins (Binghamton University Pitcher, Former Canisius HS and FCP Player)

"Throughout a 5 year experience with the full circuit family, starting at 14 years old, I was able to develop at the highest level possible before my college career. With the team, I was able to develop my hitting, fielding, arm strength, mental game, and even weight lifting experience. With their workout program, through the years I was able to get bigger, faster, and stronger, all key parts in order to perform at the college level. While this was going on, Coach Karstedt was able to get me in front of multiple schools through tournaments and private workouts which finally got me a spot on the Mercyhurst University baseball team. Without the full circuit program, I wouldn't have gotten the rigth exposure to colleges, or been able to perform at the next level. 
-Dominic Cecere (Mercyhurst University Infielder, Former Will North and FCP Player)

"My time at Full Circuit was by far the best tie I had playing baseball in my life. The coaching staff brings everything you want as a player. They get you ready for college ball and make sure you remember the fun of the game. The teams are always close too which makes the games even better.
-Jake Zurat (Canisius College Catcher, former Williamsville North and FCP Player)

Full Circuit Athletics has played a big role in allowing me to become the best version of myself, both on and off the field. Working with Charlie has been a great experience and has led me to achieve my goal of playing college baseball. The competitive environment created at Full Circuit breeds success. I played for Full Circuit for two years before going off to college and know that Charlie and the rest of the staff will always be there for me to help with anything I may need. I have developed relationships through my time at Full Circuit that have been a huge part of my success and could not be more pleased with the way my career has ultimately turned out.
-Mike Steffan (Canisius College Infielder, former Williamsville East and FCP Player)

"Joining the FCP Family 3 years ago was the best decision I could have made. Within my short time here, I've learned more about the game of baseball than my previous 7 years with other local travel teams. Full Circuit is different. It's called the FCP Family for a reason. I've formed lasting relationships with teammates and coaches that I will have for life. The environment in the facility is second to none. You can come in any day of the week at nearly any hour of the day and know that there will always be someone there working toward their goals. When I first joined the team, I had arguably the worst work ethic on my entire team. Coming from a small town, I thought that I was better than I actually was and didn't have to work for it. However, after seeing guys strength and velocity number skyrocket while mine stayed the same, I was humbled. This realization wasn't immediate. It took some time, but I am beyond thankful that it happened. I can confidently say that becoming part of the FCP family would guarantee a player to progress on the ball field, as well as in their life as a whole. All of the resources a player could need are available, but you get what you put into it. I encourage any player looking to improve their craft to look in the direction of Full Circuit. If you are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed, I can promise that you'll be in good hands."
-Thomas Bednarski (Niagara University Pitcher, former Lancaster HS and FCP Player) 

"I've had the pleasure of knowing Charlie as both a player and a coach for the past 6 years, and I am excited to know that he will be sharing his wealth of baseball knowledge with today's youth.  His Division 1 playing experience, love of the game, and passion for teaching are a combination that very few can emulate.  I would trust Charlie teaching my own son."
-Jim Koerner, (Head Baseball Coach at Division 1 North Carolina Central University)

"To further your playing career in college, it is a necessity to train as a college athlete would.  Charlie provides the finest coaching and positive atmosphere needed for the prospective student-athlete to excel on the baseball field"
-Adam Skonieczki (Assistant Baseball Coach/Recruiting Coordinator University Buffalo)

"We have a number of players in our program that have worked privately with Coach Karstedt at Full Circuit Athletics, LLC.  To say that our kids have benefited from his programs would be an understatement.  Charlie has a unique ability to explain the intricacies of hitting to his students and they are able to improve on a daily basis.  Charlie also breaks down each swing and analyzes the entire body motion to produce the most efficient and effective swing in the player.  I am impressed with Coach Karstedt's knowledge of hitting and his dedication to his students.  He is a tremendous asset for any ball player looking to improve fundamentals."

-Eric Cooper (Head Varsity Baseball Coach at Eden High School)

"Charlie has put together a tremendous opportunity for athletes to be in the best position to move on to college athletics.  We had the pleasure here at Monroe Community College to host Charlie and his 16u team this fall.  Charlie's passion and knowledge for the game can be seen through each player he coaches.  They played the game the right way and were run identical to a college program.  If your goals are to reach your maximum potential as a baseball player, Full Circuit Athletics is the place to achieve that."
-Tony Fuller (Assistant Baseball Coach & Recruiting Coordinator at Monroe Community College)

"Charlie Karstedt was one of the hardest working players to ever go through this program.  A true student of the game.  Charlie's dedication and commitment helped him to develop into a great Division 1 player, and now will allow him to help develop the younger talent throughout WNY"
-Ron Torgalski (Head Baseball Coach University At Buffalo)

"Talking with Charlie, and the opening of Full Circuit Athletics, has shown his passion for developing players into better athletes and young adults.  With his knowledgeable background, positive attitude, and great facilities, he has put together the proper and necessary environment to build quality student athletes.  Baseball is a sport that has to be player year round and now that Charlie has dedicated countless hours, more WNY kids can train like college/professional players all year long."
-Brad Cochrane (Assistant Baseball Coach University at Buffalo)

"Charlie has been coaching my son for a couple years now and it's amazing how he has grown as a baseball player and a young man.  Coach Charlie, with his knowledge and experience, has given my son the proper training needed to compete at the highest level.  We can't thank you enough Coach.

-Karl Malkowski (Parent)

"Getting involved with Full Circuit was probably the best decision I made for my baseball career.  Coach Charlie helped me get my name out to several college coaches and is probably the reason I have the opportunity to play college ball now. The Full Circuit schedule was a tough one that included some college teams like NCCC, MCC, and Gannon which helped me be prepared for the next level.  Anyone who has an interest in getting better or playing baseball in college should become a part of Full Circuit and work with Coach Charlie."
Zach Darlak- (Played College Baseball at John Carrol University)

"Playing with Charlie and Full Circuit Power was the best decision I have ever made. Immediately after I started playing for Charlie I began to grow as a player and even more importantly a man. Charlie runs the program the way a program is supposed to be run and he single handedly is the reason I was able to play baseball at Gannon University. The things he taught me I take with me on a daily basis in the classroom and on the field. I can't ever begin to thank you enough coach."
Nick Iskra- (Played college baseball at Gannon University)

"Coach Karstedt has a wealth of baseball knowledge and a rare, one of a kind, passion for teaching to go with it. Through private hitting lessons, he has aided improvement and inspired confidence in my game. His knowledge of hitting is a resource that players at any level can utilize and benefit from. Through brief outside observation of the relatively new Full Circuit Program, I can safely say that it is one of the premier baseball programs in WNY. It is one that rewards hard work and dedication to improvement. Coach Karstedt puts an emphasis on developing players and readying them for college baseball and has proven successful in doing so. Looking back, Full Circuit is the kind of program I would have loved to play for. I strongly recommend it to any prospective players with the ultimate goal of playing collegiate baseball."
Ben Haefner- (Playing baseball at University at Buffalo)

"You gave your time and talent to teach our son's the game of baseball. With patience and encouragement you guided them into their college career. Charlie we can't thank you enough. Our sons Vinny and Kyle Sherman are better players today because of your knowledge, your inspiration, your morals and your coaching ability.Thank you for everything Charlie!
-Vinny Sherman & Joann Sherman- (Proud parents of two college baseball players that attended Full Circuit)

The Full Circuit experience was first class from the start.  My son had the opportunity to join the Full Circuit family when he was 17.  Coming into a program where quite a few members of the team had played together for years can often be a difficult transition but my son felt like he was part of the family from the first day.  Expert instruction in all facets of the game, including fitness and nutrition, is available for those who wish to learn.  Charlie Karstedt and his staff will teach your child how to maximize their talents and expose them to a high level of competition.  The Karstedts love of baseball is evident from the first time you meet Charlie and his family and they will help guide your child to the next level of baseball.  I highly recommend Full Circuit.
-Tim Iskra- (Father of Nick Iskra, current player at Gannon University)

For the past four (4) years my son Joshua has been part of the Full Circuit Power Program or should I say the Full Circuit Power Family as this is more indicative of the reality.  What parents most care for is our children and their well being and I can say with confidence that with FCP, our children are in excellent hands. Charlie is not just concerned with your sons baseball ability but wants them to succeed in life as a whole. 

In terms of baseball, your child will be schooled on the fundamentals of the game as well as being taught baseball knowledge that will assist in elevating their game performance. Over these past four years, I have spoken to parents from other teams at tournaments and they are amazed on how fundamentally sound the team plays and perhaps more importantly,  how well our boys conduct themselves both on and off the field. 

Charlie has a love of the and he instills this in each and every player.  When Charlie calls a practice for a set time, he offers the kids who want extra work an earlier start.  Not to my surprise, everyone comes early.

Charlie stresses education with the boys as he knows that universities and colleges are not only looking at boys who can play ball but who can succeed in the classroom as baseball scholarships are limited but, educational scholarships are an attractive means to pursue higher education and still play baseball. 

If you want your son to be part of a family? FCP is your choice

If you want your son to learn the fundamentals and play the game the right way? FCP is your choice

If you want your son to have fun? FCP is your choice

If you want your son to grow not only in baseball but as a person? FCP is your choice.

If you are looking for a coach who treats his players with respect and truly cares about them not only as a ball player but as a person? Charlie is your choice.

-Jack Kuderian- Parent of former player (Josh Kuderian currently playing at Laroche College)

Our son Austin spent six years from 10u-15u playing for two "Elite"  baseball organizations in WNY. When we decided to make the switch and join the Full Circuit Power family for his showcase year it was a game changer. The first thing that stuck with me was after Austin had his tryout for the FCP Showcase team, Charlie met us in the parking lot and spoke with us on why Austin would be a good fit at FCP. He didn't try to compare himself to or speak negatively about the other organizations we were part of. He simply just explained what his organization was about and how he would love to help make Austin a better player and young man. From the first player/parent meeting right until our last practice before our first game we were just amazed in the amount of time he takes to instruct each player individually. We also love his honesty, Charlie doesn't make false promises to players regarding where they may or may not fit at the next level. He sits down with each player and creates a plan based on their athletic talent level combined with academic goals to start a list of schools that would be a good fit. Charlie's honesty also translates to the large number of college coaches he knows. They know that when he recommends a player for their baseball program, that player is exactly what he said and for that reason he has a ton of respect among the college ranks. After our showcase season ended and our son Austin committed to play college baseball Charlie to this day continues to work with Austin. Throughout his senior year high school baseball season Charlie not only followed Austin and his team but all the players he coaches throughout Western NY. Frequently tweeting their highlights from school games and being there anytime they needed help, whether they were in a slump or just needed to get into the Powerhouse for extra reps. Its this kind of dedication on and of the field that makes FCP the special program that it is. For all that you have done and continue to do, from the bottom of our hearts we Thank you Coach! 

-Adam O'Shei- Parent of FCP player Austin O'Shei (D2 Gannon University Baseball Commit)

I started with Full Circuit my showcase year (2014) and it has been to this day the best thing to happen to my baseball career. This program has taught me next level physical and mental things that have prepared me to be the best I can be as a player and individual on and off the field. I'm currently playing college ball at Mercyhurst University in which I credit to this program as I was allowed to make a choice of which college to attend because of the opportunities that were brought forward to me by FCP, to my teammates and myself. Coach Charlie has gone above and beyond to not only teach me the best mental and physical aspects of the game but reach out to countless college programs and allow me to be seen by them which created great opportunity for myself. He puts his players first putting FCP above other programs in the area as pride is taken in the players and building the FCP Family, which really developed into more than a program or business but a place for players to not only better themselves and showcase themselves but also develop great relationships with coaches, players, and families along the way. The thing I have noticed in the past 4 years is that FCP recognizes that every player is different and has their own strengths, and that is okay, as long as you utilize those strengths and perform to their best after training to improve those strengths. Not ever player has to have the ideal body, hit home runs, throw hard, etc. but if they are taught to believe in their strengths and not be forced to be something they are not, they will be seen and recognized and their best fit will be found at the next level. FCP has changed my life on and off the field and I couldn't be more thankful for that, the only thing in which I would change is that I came to the program sooner.

-Matt Schneider- Mercyhurst University Infielder/Catcher

The Full Circuit program has helped me tremendously through my baseball life. Coach Chuck wants to bring out the best ability in everyone no matter what school, baseball background, or even if you've played against his teams in the past. He loves the game of baseball and loves helping anyone that shares this passion. That's why FCP is truly a family.

-Benny "the jet" We're skiing- (AKA Benjamin Wereski) Columbia University LHP

The Powerhouse has given me a place close to home where I know I can get my work in properly. I know I'm not wasting my time when I'm in that environment, and it has given me an opportunity to not waste any time developing as a player.
-Jake Woodrich- Canisius College OF

Full Circuit has the name it does due to the amount of time put in by Charlie and the staff that supports him. Full Circuit is a family atmosphere that gives high school, college, and professional ball players in the area the best opportunity to train and enhance their baseball talents. When coming to train or play at Full Circuit you are not coming for just baseball. Charlie demands and teaches respect out of his players, how to play the game hard and the right way, and ways to improve your game, day in and day out. Charlie isn't a guy that just gives you the bare minimum and takes your money. He makes sure day in and day out that he is trying to get the best information to enhance his skill to pass along and make the best ball players he can. Full Circuit is a place where you can not only take ground balls, throw off a mound, or get live batting practice, it's also a place to get faster, stronger, and more athletic. There is a weight and strength program aspect that is one of the best in the area for a reason. Full Circuit has a very knowledgeable Physical Therapist in Fran Herrmann, that helps keeps athletes in the best shape and as healthy as possible. Charlie puts a program together that best fits each athlete. He does not just have one basic program that he gives to everyone. Between Fran and Charlie the Full Circuit athletes are demanded to be at their best and be ready to perform day in and day out. I can honestly say if it wasn't fore Full Circuit I wouldn't be as knowledgeable or as advanced as I am today. My favorite part about being at Full Circuit is that it truly is a family atmosphere with great people who wish the best for everyone involved with no drama. Every player pushes each other to get the best out of them and that is why the program has the success it does. I consider Full Circuit not to be a summer baseball place but rather a year round education and hobby. I honestly don't have enough words to explain the amount of care Charlie has for his players and how much time he devotes away from his wonderful family to make us not only all around better ball players but better individuals. If you want your kids to grow as a person and a ball player Full Circuit is the place to be.
-Dan Dallas- San Diego Padres LHP (7th Round Draft Pick)

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